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Biotechnology High School’s Advisor Group Program is based on our belief that all students possess leadership potential that can be developed through training, practice and application. BTHS employs a shared leadership model that gets all students involved in the management of our learning community. The Advisor Group Program provides an immediate support network for freshman and sophomore students. Peer Leaders build relationships with the underclassmen to help them make a successful academic and social transition to BTHS.

  • Small Group Sessions are interactive and informative lessons intended to convey important skills and knowledge to the underclassmen.
  • Buddy Olympics Activities are fun, experiential teambuilding games designed to promote cooperation, unity and teamwork between Buddy Pairs and amongst Advisor Groups.

Why Peer Leadership? Peers exert a powerful influence on the development of the attitudes and behaviors of one another, especially during adolescence. Advisor Groups channel the power of peer influence in a positive direction. Based on their shared background, experiences and interests, teenagers are more likely to hear and accept information that is presented and modeled by their peers. Peer educators are less likely to be seen as authority figures “telling” them what to do and are more likely to be seen as friends giving advice. We strongly believe in the value and ability of young people to bring about positive change in themselves and others.


Freshman are placed in an advisor group with about 8 to 10 students and a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors remain with their advisees into their sophomore year. Freshman are also assigned a Sophomore Buddy who provides 1 to 1 mentoring to support their success at BTHS. Small groups meet once per month and Freshman/Sophomore Advisor Groups come together once per month for Buddy Olympics. 


Supplementing the leadership roles that students take on through school clubs, community organizations and involvement in Creativity Action Service Projects, all BTHS students participate in our school’s shared leadership model by becoming Peer Leaders through Advisor Groups. Beginning in the second semester of junior year and continuing into the first semester of senior year, all BTHS students become Peer Leaders, serving as vital mentors and role models. 

In LEAP, students develop the skills and knowledge of leadership, then get the opportunity to practice and apply what they’ve learned through facilitating small group workshops, discussions, presentations and teambuilding activities for their peers. In the process, students develop a wide range of transferrable leadership and life skills that will help them achieve future goals in the community, at college and at work.

*Advisor Groups are scheduled for the second half of lunch on Thursday*

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