All About Multicultural Fair 
Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 5:39 PM
School News

By A.J. Fezza

Biotechnology High School has long prided itself on being a cohesive learning community containing students from various cultural backgrounds. This Thursday, the Spanish Honor Society is thrilled to be celebrating such diversity by hosting its 5th annual Multicultural Fair! It will take place on Thursday, April 27, from 6:00-8:00PM.

There will be numerous performances, activity stations and informational booths. The performances will include Chinese, Indian, and Irish modern and fusion dances, while the activity booths will involve fun games and decorating activities. Meanwhile, the informational booths in the hallways will inform viewers about international current events and cultural phenomena. There will also be a wide array of food available, including rice cakes, clafoutis, and whichever delicious dishes you decide to bring in yourself.

Instead of selling tickets, each person attending will bring a food item or a beverage that represents your culture or any culture which you are enthusiastic about. The food can be homemade or purchased, and it must include a list of ingredients to accommodate for those that have food allergies/sensitivities. Students are welcome to bring in food the morning of April 27th, but if the item needs to be heated up or kept refrigerated, it is highly recommended that you bring it at the time of the event.

So make sure to bring yourself (and your families) to the Multicultural Fair this Thursday in the MPR to be a part of this exciting celebration!

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